Dear Supporters,

MovementsofGnostics has now closed… again.  As you would have seen, we removed our website since MovementsofGnostics achieved its aims in warning and informing the public about a certain individual and his harmful ‘spiritual’ groups.  However, this was conditional upon an equivalent removal of material from him. Sadly, he was not prepared to take a responsible and amicable resolution and instead chose to respond with the disgraceful slandering of individuals who have posted on this website.

15 of this individual’s followers, no doubt under his direction, created at least three websites, a facebook page, youtube channel and twitter account set up for the sole purpose of slandering people who have spoken out against him and spreading blatant lies about their employment in an attempt to destroy their lives. I am sure everyone would agree that these are not the actions of a God!  

In the interests of the protection of those individuals and their livelihoods, we have taken down movementsofgnostics, associated sites and social media.  Keeping it this way is conditional upon an equivalent action from them including the removal of their attacking websites and social media accounts.  Therefore, if you ever see us back here, you’ll know why!

We stand by our principles that individuals should be free to speak out about their negative experiences. We only cease action due to the malicious and harmful activities which aim to hurt and destroy those who have spoken out against this individual.

Once again, we thank all those who have supported our aims and who bravely came forward to share their experiences. 

We hope this will be a permanent measure. However if any individual who contributed to this site comes under any further attack from this individual or any of his followers, the site will be reinstated and the campaign to warn and inform the public will continue in full force and legal actions this time against the 15 named individuals who attacked our members.

If anyone would like to report any incident of this nature please email us at:

Thank you to all those who have bravely come forward to share their stories and experiences.

Movements of Gnostics Administrators